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I grew up and went to school in South Wales.  I left Wales at eighteen to go to the University of Birmingham, to study Ancient History and Archaeology.  I got a BA (First Class) in 1982, and a PhD in Egyptology in 1987.  While I was studying for my PhD, I taught extra-mural classes in Egyptology for Birmingham and Warwick Universities – great fun.  Teaching others is the best way to learn.

Although I initially pursued a career in the civil service, Egyptology refused to leave me.  I became a Director and Trustee of the Egypt Exploration Society (2000-2004) and continued to lecture from time to time on cruises and in other settings.

I took a career break for a couple of years to write my first novel, The Voyage of the Sun God, which is a historical novel set against the background of the harem conspiracy against Ramesses III.  It was published in German in 2001 as Die Reise des Sonnengottes under my pen name, Susan Llewellyn; bizarre, because I’ve written it but I can’t read it.  I have a second novel in second draft and notes for lots of others.

I intend to take advantage of new technology to explore the long tail effect and publish my work myself .  I have already set myself up as a publisher – look out for a website coming your way soon!

When I was at school, I wanted to be an archaeologist and a writer.  I’ve achieved both of those, but haven’t (yet) succeeded in making them pay the bills.  I’m not going back to “proper” archaeology now, but I will carry on writing fiction with an Egyptological background.  Not many people get their first novel published, even if it is in German, so I’m optimistic.

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